Are you looking to organise a group day out? Why not take advantage of our great discounts available to groups? Enjoy all of the same features as our standard Lake Mountain Tour, but as a private tour!

Itinerary Details:

Snow Play:

Snow play for 3 hours. Our snow tour destination is Lake Mountain and it is Melbourne’s closest snow field with new facilities. Ski tracks and toboggan fields are available. You can make a snowman, have a ski lesson or throw snow-balls.

There is enough time to visit the bar and bistro for a meal or coffee. You will be excited!

 Waterfalls and Walks:

This starts in the afternoon. We make our way to this wonderful waterfalls in Marysville called Steavenson Falls. They are one of the tallest waterfalls in Victoria with 5 cascades and a total descent of 122 metres. You can take a walk along the river, the views down the falls are exciting.

Chocolates and Ice-cream:

As we return to Melbourne we drive through the Yarra Valley. The views and landscapes are amazing. We visit the famous Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-creamery to give you an opportunity of sampling free chocolates.

What is included:

Park entry fees, a tour guide & inner city hotel pick up and drop off.

Note: Come with Waterproof Jacket, pants, and shoes. Gloves, Beanie, camera and water


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Ski Equipment
Skis / boots / poles - $35.50 (adult)
Skis / Boots / poles - $35.50 (child)
Skis only (Classic or Skate) - $22.00
Ski boots only - $22.00 (adult)
Ski boots only - $15.00 (child)
Poles only - $12.00

*20% off on all equipment hire

Lesson Packages
Skis / boots / poles / 60 minute lesson - $70.00 (adult)
Skis / boots / poles / 60 minute lesson - $65.00 (child)
Snowboard mini lesson - $35.00 (child only)

Toboggan / PVC jacket & pants / boots - $40.00 (adult or child)
Snowsuit / boots - $40.00 (child only)
Toboggan / snowsuit / boots - $45.00 (child only)
Padded pants / jacket / boots - $50.00 (adult)
Padded pants / jacket / boots - $45.00 (child)